Eateries, we love you

Slurpalicous is an eatery app made by eatery owners. We understand eatery margins and want to help you streamline your operations.

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How to Sign up

At the moment, we are setting up by appointments only. In the very near future, we will publish a self-signup guide that will allow you to get on the platform quickly and easily all by yourself.

Order tracking

How ordering works

After you setup your menu and open hours, your eatery will be on Slurpalicious! As soon a customer places an order, you are notified. You can then ``Accept`` the order and change the wait time if needed (we calculate wait times for you automatically based on previous orders in the same service). We recommend doing this step as immediately as possible as the customer is waiting at this time for their order to be accepted. Eventually, the app will inform the customer that their order has not been accepted yet and they can cancel if they want. You may also ``Reject`` the order, although we truly don't recommend this unless it's a kitchen emergency. If such a catastrophe does happen, simply turn off online ordering.