Food Delivery that Cares for Everyone

At Slurpalicious, we are building the kind of delivery that cares about community. This means being affordable to consumers and restuarants, and paying our local drivers fairly. At the heart of it, delivery is so local, so let’s make it feel that way again.

Our Story

My husband and I were partners in a restaurant that opened during the pandemic. Like everyone else, we had to shut down indoor dining.


Customers were looking for delivery options and what we found was shocking! We would be charged a commission of 30% to 40% on each delivery order. This was devastating news for our new restaurant business. The margins on each order alone were much less than their commission. The delivery companies either didn’t know that or didn’t care. Thankfully we got a phone service and survived using call-in orders.


It then occurred to us that we could solve this problem ourselves. We both had a Ph.D in  Computer Science, so why not try? And that’s exactly what we did. The result was Slurpalicious, a food delivery app that makes sure commissions are affordable for restaurants and customers, and that drivers are paid fairly per order.


Come join our effort in building a more community-focused food delivery ecosystem. Urge your favorite restaurants, friends, and family members to order through Slurpalicious!

We stand with our community

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