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We Are Building a New Kind of delivery..

At Slurpalicious we are building the kind of delivery that cares about community. This means being affordable to consumers and restuarants, and paying our local drivers fairly. At the heart of it, delivery is so local, yet its so hard for people to see it that way because of how Big Delivery operates today.

Together, lets fix this. Spread the word, Slurpalicious.

About Us – Who we are?

My husband and I are two of the partners of Malka – a beautiful restaurant in SE Portland serving wild cuisine imagined by Chef and partner Jessie Aaron. It took all five of us two and a half years to build the restaurant and we finally opened in January 2020. All of a sudden, COVID caused us to close indoor seating and rely on take-out to sustain the business.

Luckily, we had tons of community support. Thanks to them, we are surviving. Same as other eateries, we started getting requests for delivery, so we researched our options. All the delivery companies were charging roughly the same – 30% to 40% at the time – on each order. This is devastating for a restaurant business. The delivery companies either don’t know that or don’t care. The margins on each order alone are much less than their commission.

It then occurred to us that we could solve this problem ourselves. We are both software engineers with a Ph.D. in Computer Science. We could do this! My husband was already developing a food finding app with an amazing team in India. We wondered if we could just add online ordering and delivery as a feature. So we did just that!

The result was Slurpalicious, the only food delivery app that offers FEE-FREE pickup ordering for all. An app that charges affordable commissions on delivery orders. An app that understands this doesn’t work without our local drivers and so believes vehemently in paying them fairly. Finally, its the only app that has a pay-it-forward program where you can donate to the restaurants you love. Those funds are then used to purchase free meals by anyone who needs them.

For us to be successful, we need to be able to thrive in an urban market just like our very own city of Portland. So please join us in building a more joyful delivery service that truly feels local.

Believe in our mission?

Join our effort to build a more community focused food delivery ecosystem. Urge your favorite restaurants, friends, and family members to sign up!