Empowering delivery partners

Driver pay

Industry-leading driver pay that’s clear to you and your customers

Mileage Pay

$ 5 Minimum per order
  • Caluclated using $1.20 /mi
  • ~5 mile delivery radius
  • Always-on access to dispatch
  • CC fees apply**


100 % Per Order
  • $3 minimum
  • ~5 mile delivery radius
  • Always-on access to dispatch
  • CC fees apply**

** Payments processed by Stripe. Their credit card transaction fees (2.9% + $0.30) are passed through to you

You’re the foundation

You are what makes us or breaks us. The face of this business. We appreciate you and hope to create a mutually respectful relationship based on trust

Customers pay you directly

We are just the channel. Customers see exactly the amount you are going to receive and its clearly explained in the driver pay section above

Access to In-house Dispatch

Lost while delivering? Have a question? There will always be someone to help on your route. We personally train our staff to handle the needs of real-time deliveries. A real person on the other side, truly trying to help you

Back to back orders

Our algorithms are designed to give the most orders to the fewest on-road drivers. If we’ve got orders, you’re going to get them right after your current one. This helps you maximize your earnings in the time that you choose to deliver

Community focused

We love to work with drivers that care about their community because that’s what we care about too. This starts with the understanding that kitchens can get busy, that their staff does not make tips on deliveries, and that the customer still deserves hot food. You are the face of this business and without your grace, we will loose the eateries and customers who have helped us get here

Community Notes

How to apply?

1. Download the app

2. Press More & Sign up

3. Press Become a delivery partner

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