Let’s do this together

Join our cause to build an equitable, community-focused food delivery service where all of us work together and benefit together. We understand how difficult delivery is for busy kitchens and this is always front-of-mind when we design any of our services.

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Affordable and transparent

We are restaurant owners like you and understand how tight the margins are. Our goal is to provide affordable delivery services, transparent pricing, and no hidden refunds or fees

Happy Drivers means Great Deliveries

The only kind of drivers that work with us are those who care about the people in their community. We create this community-focused delivery ecosystem by staying true to our values – fair pay, effective communication, and mutual respect.

Customer service without the red tape

Deliveries are happening live and fast. We know issues need to be resolved quickly. Our support staff is trained to respond to your text messages concisely, precisely, and quickly. When we don’t know the answer, we admit it, investigate, and always get back to you

You’re in control

As much as we would like you to take every delivery order, we understand the reality. You can reject an order and turn the service off when things get too busy. The only thing we ask is to not let orders cancel. The time it takes for cancellation results in significant loss of pay for our drivers and a less than stellar experience for the customer.

FOH Benefits

Our unique gift exchange program allows your front of house staff to use gift cards of other restaurants that participate. We are also the only delivery company that allow customers to add a tip for eatery staff when they review their delivery. Coming soon.

It’s your data too

You have direct access to your Stripe account, transactions, and customer data. All past orders contain customer information and you are welcome to it. We truly believe that our customers are also your customers!

Timeliness is our priority

You can change the prep time as needed. We only schedule drivers to come sometime after that time. Each order displays a precise pickup time that the driver is trying to meet. Keeping things on schedule makes deliveries predictable for you and maximizes pay for our drivers.

How to join us?

Follow these simple steps to become an Eatery Partner

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Download the app

Step 2

Go to More and sign up  

Step 3

Press Become an Eatery Partner


Believe in our mission?

Join our effort to build a more community focused food delivery ecosystem. Urge your favorite restaurants, friends, and family members to sign up!