Equitable Food Delivery

Slurpalicious is a food delivery app built by restaurant owners. We are committed to affordable delivery commissions, fair driver pay, fee transparency, and a firm belief that we can build a better community together. 

Slurpalicious - Most popular Food Delivery App


Let’s face it, Big Delivery fees are high for everyone. Our mission is to build an affordable delivery service.



Slurpalicious driver pay is clear, fair and transparent. The amount you pay your driver, is the amount they receive



You’ll know exactly how much of your purchase goes to us, your local eatery, and your friendly neighborhood driver


Fee-free Pickup Orders

In Free Meals ($)

~ In a little over a year, in the lovely little city of Astoria, Oregon, USA <3 ~

What our customers are saying…


“I love Slurpalicious! I use it a few times a week. The drivers are always so awesome and fast!! Worth every penny. Phenomenal service!”

~ Lauren


“We love our Slurpalicious family <3. It’s been so great to have delivery available through the Slurpalicious App!! They truly care about our community and getting hot & delicious food to your door.”

~ Nekst Event


“Slurpalicious win! Ordered breakfast and the food arrived hot and delicious!! So grateful for a delivery service in our area! Thanks Slurpalicious!”

~ Ness

Your Community is Our Community

We do our best to keep your dollars in your community. In 2021, $558k of our $600k order volume remained in local communities. Our transparent pricing lets you know exactly how much of your purchase goes to your local eatery and local driver.

Slurpalicious - Most popular Food Delivery App

Happy Drivers means Great Deliveries

The only kind of drivers that work with us are those who care about the people in their community. We create this community-focused delivery ecosystem by staying true to our values – fair pay, effective communication, and mutual respect 

Slurpalicious - Most popular Food Delivery App

Fee-free Pickup

With Slurpalicious you don’t pay a commission or any fees to order when you pickup the food yourself. Skip ordering from big delivery, there isn’t a cheaper way to order self-pickup than doing it through us!


Pay it Forward

It’s been a rough few years for all of us, so a free meal can go a long way. Not only is pickup ordering commission-free, you can even donate to your favorite eateries and help someone in need get a free meal


No Frills Customer Support

Deliveries are happening live and fast. Issues need to be fixed quickly. Our support staff is trained to answer your questions concisely and precisely. When we don’t know the answer, we admit it, investigate, and always get back to you


Timeliness is Our Priority

Your order is only placed at the eatery once a driver has accepted it. This means it’s not sitting on a counter waiting for a driver to be assigned. Everything is timed – the eatery’s prep time, the driver’s pickup time, and the delivery window the app tells you. All this is done by our proprietary logistics algorithm whose sole goal is to get you your food as hot and fresh as possible!


Believe in our mission?

Join our effort to build a more community focused food delivery ecosystem. Urge your favorite restaurants, friends, and family members to sign up!