Stop Paying 30% in Commissions

Pay 3% instead

Our Pricing plan

Simple, transparent, affordable. A refreshing change from the status quo



Recommended plan*
3 % Per Order
  • No listing limitations
  • 5 mile delivery radius
  • Full access to order data
  • Food & delivery refunds^
  • CC fees separate**


Traditional plan
7 % Per Order
  • No listing limitations
  • 5 mile delivery radius
  • Full access to order data
  • Food refunds only^
  • CC fees separate**

Self Pickup

Fee-FREE pickup ordering
0 % Per Order
  • No fees for you
  • No fees for customers
  • Pay-it-forward program
  • Full access to order data
  • CC fees separate**

* Save on commissions by helping occasionally with refunds. This plan was suggested by eateries like you!

^ Refunds you would be responsible for. Food refunds happen when, for example, items get missed while packaging. Delivery refunds happen when, for example, the driver delivers food to the wrong place

** Payments processed by Stripe. Their credit card transaction fees (2.9% + $0.30) are passed through to you

Our Mission

To be affordable. To develop trust and foster a positive relationship based on transparency. To listen to you and improve. To have happy drivers walk in through your door.

How it Works

Use any mobile device or tablet to receive orders. You set the prep time. Customers and drivers expect to get the order sometime after that. Turn service off if you are busy, or reject orders when you can’t fulfill them. You’re in control.

No Silent Refunds

We don’t believe in refunding your orders without explicit consent. If a customer reports a problem, we investigate it. If a refund maybe needed we contact you for authorization. We will never automatically process a refund on your behalf.

Happy Drivers means Great Deliveries​

We manually vet our drivers. The only kind of drivers that work with us are those who care about their community. We make this possible by staying true to our values – fair pay, effective communication, and mutual respect.

In-house Customer Service

We personally train our staff to exclusively handle the needs of real-time deliveries. Our focus is on quick, concise, accurate, and less scripted responses. You will be talking to a real person who is actually trying to help you.

Raw Access to All Transactions

You have direct access to your Stripe account, transactions, and client data. There is not a charge, refund, or fee that you will miss. This is our commitment to transparency and we genuinely believe that our customers are your customers. 

Two Ways to Join


1. Download the app

2. Press More & Sign up

3. Press Become an eatery partner