COVID-19 wreaked havoc all over the country. For a good amount of time, people were confined to their homes and only able to go out briefly to run nearby errands while wearing masks. Working from home became the new normal. Besides the healthcare industry, restaurants felt the brunt of it since they lost a lot of dining capacity. However, there was a silver lining of sorts — they were able to make money by offering food delivery options.

COVID-19 Made These Services Necessary

Ordering in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is not a new phenomenon. However, it became more of a necessity instead of a luxury during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond. According to Toast, a restaurant software provider, 64% of people who were between the ages of 18 and 29 used a food delivery service over the course of the past three months. That makes sense since this includes generations that grew up in the age of cell phones and smartphone apps.

COVID-19 Caused These Services to Remain Popular

While the pandemic has subsided and people have resumed eating out at restaurants, food delivery services still have a strong hold in society. That’s because people realized how much more convenient it was to order food rather than have to consider making it themselves. Also, they can eat while they’re still working at home. No need to step away from the laptop to make a meal. They can just run to their door, grab the food, and then resume work while eating.

COVID-19 Highlighted How These Services Save Time

Like other things, food delivery services gave people back their most precious commodity: time. No more having to spend time traveling to restaurants or even grocery shopping. That can be taken care of with a few swipes on an app. While they might cost a bit more in terms of delivery fees and tips, that’s the trade-off for convenience.

All of this shows that the food service sector is a resilient one. If something like COVID-19 comes and disrupts the workflow, then the industry quickly adapts so businesses and workers can still make money and keep their doors open. While not every restaurant survived, this adaptability still gave them a much better fighting chance than before. Are you looking for food delivery services in your area? Slurpalicious can bring you the meals you want when you want them. Contact us today!