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What is Slurpalicious?

Slur-pa-li-cious: an eatery app built by eatery owners. Our mission is to provide FREE online pickup ordering, low-cost delivery for eateries and customers, fair pay for drivers, and a place where food lovers can discover and share their unique food finds.

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Free pickup ordering

No commissions. No subscriptions. Just a small one-time setup fee for eateries to get started and totally free for customers. Eateries, standard credit card processing fees apply as usual.


FAQ, Overview, Pricing

Pay it forward

Lost your job? Know someone who could really use a free meal? Search for free food on Slurpalicious. Funds for free food are powered by your donations. Give to your favorite food carts or restaurants through the Slurpalicious app. 100% of the proceeds go towards buying meals for those who need it. Standard credit card processing fees still apply.


FAQ, Overview

free funds for each eatery in our pay it forward program
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Affordable Delivery

Extremely affordable commissions on delivery orders for eateries. Fair pay for drivers. Lower delivery fees for customers. All made possible by our proprietary delivery routing algorithm. We truly want to level the playing field and challenge the status quo where the delivery companies are the only winners.



    Need help setting up?

    Ask for help. Send us feedback. We are here for you.