Read about our launch in the Astorian

We launched in the beautiful city of Astoria, Oregon where we continue to operate. We continue to add more eateries to the platform and are very grateful for the support we’ve received from everyone in the city. We are especially thankful to the Astorian for featuring us and helping spread the word. Add Comment Your […]

Bye Kartbites, Hello Slurpalicious

I am so excited about where we are heading. It’s been some journey. An education in humility and a grand learning experience. At Kartbites, we built an app to find new food, local food — street food. A small group of enthusiasts making sure others can find local and ethnic food all around the world […]

Chamber of commerce (member spotlight)

Slur-pa-li-cious: an eatery app built by eatery owners. Our mission is to provide FREE online pickup ordering, low-cost delivery for eateries and customers, fair pay for drivers, and a place where food lovers can discover and share their unique food finds. (Read full content) Add Comment Your email address will not be published. Required fields are […]

Astoria, Oregon eatery partners

Thank you so much for each of the eateries in Astoria partner with Slurpalicious. We are super grateful and now we have 22 eateries on board. I also want to shout out to all the eatery partners to continuously give us feedback to improvement Slurpalicious app. This makes our Astoria community food delivery fast and efficient. Thank you […]

Quartz: The pandemic exposed small businesses vulnerabilities & how to fix them

They are another stream of revenue and service to our guests that helps build our community and makes the density of our food net more secure. Yiu has also encountered the challenge of optimizing the ratio of drivers to eateries, the problem at the heart of any of these platforms—“we have a lot of sympathy for DoorDash…The […]

Clatsop economic development resources award

We are super honor to receive the economic impact award from CEDR. Thank you so much for all of our drivers, without them, there will be no delivery. They are big part of this award. We also want to thank all of our eatery partners who help us get better everyday and continue supporting us in […]

Food delivery app plans January start (the daily Astorian)

The North Coast could soon have a dedicated food delivery service. Candy Yiu, a software engineer at Intel, owns Near the Pier Guesthouse on Franklin Avenue and the Portland restaurant Malka with her husband, Akshay Dua. Over the summer, the couple started Slurpalicious, a free online and smartphone ordering platform for the North Coast, and has […]

Bloomberg: Local Delivery Alternatives Bite Into DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber

Bloomberg: Local Delivery Alternatives Bite Into DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Candy Yiu and several partners opened Malka, a 30-seat restaurant in Portland, Ore., in January 2020—less than three months before the city went into lockdown and restricted indoor dining. They started using Caviar (owned by DoorDash Inc.) for limited deliveries, despite being “shocked” by the […]

Why the relaxed food delivery fee caps won’t work?

Many urban cities across the country recently capped the fees big food delivery companies like DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub could charge restaurants. The general standard for this cap is 15% of the food order. Big delivery retaliated with lawsuits arguing that such fee caps were unconstitutional. The city caved and relaxed the fee cap [1]. For […]