Bye Kartbites, Hello Slurpalicious

I am so excited about where we are heading. It’s been some journey. An education in humility and a grand learning experience. At Kartbites, we built an app to find new food, local food — street food. A small group of enthusiasts making sure others can find local and ethnic food all around the world using the Kartbites app.

Then, the world changed and there was a calling. A calling to address the needs of all eateries, not just street food. To help them through these times by making sure they have a way to provide low-cost delivery while ensuring that drivers get paid fairly, and customers save more. The likes of those that do this right now, don’t understand the finances of a restaurant or don’t care. We do – we are co-owners of a restaurant ourselves and know how hurtful these 30% commissions are.

Say Hello to Slurpalicous! The Kartbites app was, but with online ordering, capabilities added. We are happily serving eateries in Astoria with completely free online contactless pickup orders. Free for eateries. Free for customers. Portland, or any other city in this beautiful country, if you can hear us, let your eateries know we are here for them. They can sign themselves up on our app, or reach us at Standard Stripe credit card processing fees still apply. Affordable delivery coming soon.

It would be remiss of me to not mention that helping eateries gives us a lifeline too. Kartbites was a free app, but nothing about building and running it was free. If we succeed now, the eateries would have helped us just as we would have helped them. So thank you so much in advance!

Oh, and of course, everything you used to do with Kartbites, you can still do with Slurpalicious. So keep those food finds coming!

Given what’s happening in the world, this announcement may seem unextraordinary. But passions and interests are not wavering. Things we were doing before still need to get done; mostly because we love to do them. Today, we say bye as the Kartbites app, and hello as Slurpalicious. See you on the other side.

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